Life is too short to live in autopilot. When is the last time you truly allowed yourself to disconnect? Leave your thoughts, worries and devices at home, and simply let your mind wander around? In 2015, Sarah decided to live her dreamest life and do her passion for a living. Since then, she has been traveling the world and immortalizing all the wonders she encounter. Here, she shares with you thanks to her photographs, what obsesses her and makes her vibrate.

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Sarah is a self taught wedding, artistic & adventure photographer based on the french riviera. She's a minimalist, a vegan, a dreamer and a wanderer.

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An intimate and fashion wedding celebrate on the famous French Riviera in Monaco

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For modern and sensitive dreamers, lovers of nature, who are thirsty to discover the world, in search of meaning and who act to make the world better.

Sarah Stefani Wedding Photographer French Riviera

Sarah Stefani

Photographer specializing in destination wedding coverage, Sarah combines the kindness and the softness.

Attracted by reportage and its authenticity and spontaneity. Sarah's mission is to capture life's moments in the most beautiful way. What she wants is to bring out the beauty in each moment, each object and each individual.

She started to photograph weddings to offer the most beautiful memory of this unique day.

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