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An intimate and FASHION wedding Celebrate On the FABULOUS FRENCH RIVIERA, IN MONACO

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Stylist / Wedding planner : My Riviera Wedding | Venue : Hotel de Paris, Hotel Hermitage | Floral Designer : Dandelions & Grace | Dress Designer : Geraldine Daulon | Accessories : Maison Vitale | Movie Maker : Jino Agnelli | Drone Pilote : Helios Art 06 | Wedding Ring : Maison Vitale | Lingerie : Maison Jeanne Young | Make Up Artist : Irina Awad | Hair styler : Agnes Doussot | Ring Box : Voeu du Coeur | Stationery : Summer Yang | Photographer : Sarah Stefani




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Thanks to Sarah and her stunning photographs, we have beautiful memories of the most important day of our life.


Jino Agnelli


The Ultimate Monaco Wedding: A Dream Celebration at Hotel de Paris & Hotel Hermitage

Planning a wedding in the luxurious surroundings of Monaco can be the epitome of romance and elegance. For those drawn to glamorous destinations, The Principality of Monaco offers an unparalleled blend of charm, sophistication, and picturesque views. If you’ve set your heart on a destination wedding that boasts grandeur and grace, consider Monaco — specifically, two of its most prestigious venues: Hotel de Paris and Hotel Hermitage.

Why Choose Monaco for Your Wedding?

Monaco, with its breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, glamorous appeal, and luxurious services, is the perfect destination for a wedding that feels like a fairy tale. With a budget that ensures nothing but the best, you can craft a wedding experience that combines historical elegance, contemporary style, and unmatched luxury.

Celebrating Love at the Hotel de Paris & Hotel Hermitage

Situated in the heart of Monte Carlo, the Hotel de Paris offers a timeless elegance that has been the backdrop to numerous royal and celebrity weddings. Right next door, the Hotel Hermitage exudes Belle Époque charm with a refined, intimate atmosphere. These iconic venues provide a spectacular setting for both the ceremony and reception, ensuring that every moment of your special day is drenched in luxury.

A Chic Designer Wedding Dress by Géraldine Daulon

No wedding is complete without the perfect dress. For this Monaco celebration, our bride chose a masterpiece by Géraldine Daulon, a talented French designer known for her avant-garde yet timeless creations. The dress melded contemporary fashion with classic elegance, making a stunning statement that perfectly complemented the lavish Monaco surroundings.

A Cohesive Team of Top Wedding Professionals

To ensure the day goes off without a hitch, the bride and groom enlisted top wedding vendors. Here’s the dream team that made this luxurious wedding in Monaco possible:

  • Stylist & Wedding Planner: My Riviera Wedding
  • Venues: Hotel de Paris & Hotel Hermitage
  • Floral Designer: Dandelions & Grace
  • Dress Designer: Géraldine Daulon
  • Accessories: Maison Vitale
  • Movie Maker: Jino Agnelli
  • Drone Pilot: Helios Art 06
  • Wedding Rings: Maison Vitale
  • Lingerie: Maison Jeanne Young
  • Make Up Artist: Irina Awad
  • Hair Stylist: Agnes Doussot
  • Ring Box: Voeu du Coeur
  • Stationery: Summer Yang
  • Photographer: Sarah Stefani

Capturing Timeless Memories

Sarah Stefani, a renowned photographer with an eye for capturing exquisite moments, documented the entire event. From the bride's first step down the aisle to the final dance of the evening, Sarah’s photographs immortalized every precious detail. Her skillful use of lighting and composition ensured that each image felt natural and vibrant, reflecting the joy and elegance of the day.

Making It All Happen

A wedding of this magnitude requires meticulous planning and coordination, especially from overseas. My Riviera Wedding, known for their expertise in organizing high-end weddings, ensures that every detail is perfected. From liaising with local vendors to coordinating logistics, they make the complex task of planning a destination wedding seamless.

Floral Details by Dandelions & Grace

The floral arrangements by Dandelions & Grace were nothing short of spectacular. Using a mix of classic white roses, lush greenery, and delicate blooms, they created an enchanting ambiance that complemented both the grandeur of the venues and the contemporary style of the wedding.

Luxury Accessories from Maison Vitale

Maison Vitale provided the exquisite accessories and wedding rings. Their pieces are renowned for their craftsmanship and elegance, adding that perfect touch of sophistication to the bridal ensemble.

Cinematic Moments by Jino Agnelli

No wedding is complete without a captivating wedding film. Jino Agnelli, an exceptional movie maker, captured the essence and emotion of the day, transforming the couple’s love story into a cinematic masterpiece.

Astonishing Aerial Views by Helios Art 06

Helios Art 06 utilized drone technology to capture breathtaking aerial shots of the venue and surroundings, adding a unique perspective to the wedding memories.

Perfectly Styled from Head to Toe

Irina Awad and Agnes Doussot worked together to ensure the bride looked radiant and flawless. From sophisticated makeup to an elegant hairstyle, they accentuated her natural beauty, making her feel confident and stunning.

The Finishing Touches

Maison Jeanne Young provided luxurious lingerie, ensuring the bride felt exquisite from the inside out. Voeu du Coeur’s stylish ring box and Summer Yang’s bespoke stationery added personalized touches to the celebration, making it truly unique.

Dreaming of Your Own Monaco Wedding?

If you’re envisioning a lavish, high-end destination wedding, Monaco offers everything you need for an unforgettable celebration. With top-tier vendors and breathtaking venues, your wedding can be as sophisticated and grand as you’ve always envisioned. Contact My Riviera Wedding today to start planning your extraordinary day in Monaco.

By striking the perfect balance between elegance and extravagance, this Monaco wedding showcased how dreams can indeed come true. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of the Mediterranean or the promise of an exquisite celebration, Monaco stands as the ultimate wedding destination.