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We’re both dreamers with a very clear vision about our creative work.

Sarah Stefani Wedding Photographer French Riviera

Sarah Stefani


Sarah founded her company in 2015, after a year-long trip to Australia that made her realize she wanted to become a photographer. Over the years, her style has become minimalist, sleek and ethereal with a touch of fashion. A luminous and timeless style that characterizes her world. Sarah is a utopian and believes that every individual has a role to play in making the world a better place. In this way, in 2021, she created a photographic series on love and difference, which was exhibited at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Woman adventurer. Solo Traveler, vegan food lover. Obsessed with making the world a better place.

Oceane Duveau Second Photographer

Océane Duveau

Second Photographer

Océane and Sarah have been best friends since middle school. After studying graphic design, Océane decided to join Sarah in the adventure of wedding photography. Since 2019, they are working together to offer the best services to their couples. Océane is the happy mother of Éloan (for whom Sarah is godmother), a little boy who has filled her life for 5 years now. In december 2024, Océane, Éloan and Sarah are planning a few months' backpacking trip abroad to introduce their favorite little boy to the world.

food LOVER. Mum of a 5 years old little boy. Passionate about art. Deep love of nature.

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